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EDUCATION of the 21st century: Learn Sharp is a web-based examination software, where the entire examination & testing process is integrated into one package. In addition to closed test formats (multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank) the program is also able to handle open question tests, which can be marked as well. Learn Sharp does not require any additional software to be installed. By using the latest technology you can enhance the quality of education at your institution.

Higher Quality Examination
Less labor-intensive
Lower costs
Better control / Deeper analysis

Higher Quality Examination

  • When tests are offered via the Internet, it allows users to create assignments free from time and location constraints.
  • Everything is prone to human error: digital examination eliminates most of these errors.
  • Digital testing is better suited to the digital age. Students are used to working with computers, making writing faster and easier to edit.

Less labor-intensive

  • It is less labor intensive for students: writing and rewriting text on the computer is fast and easy.
  • It is less labor intensive for teachers: it takes less time to check the text. They don’t need to deal with poor handwriting anymore. It is also less time-consuming to add feedback for the students.
  • It is less labor intensive for the back office;
    • No need to distribute different tests/exams versions  to different places
    • No need to distribute paper copies of tests/exams to different people
    • The assignments and tests can be reviewed wherever there is access to a PC.
    • The results are delivered digitally (instantly).

Lower costs

  • Less administrative work leads to lower costs.
  • Digital testing replaces the need for large quantities of paper used with paper versions of exams. Printing and paper costs can be reduced dramatically.
  • No additional software needs to be installed.

Better control / deeper analysis

  • Digital examinations make it easier to analyze test results compared to hard copy assignments.
  • Results can be analyzed in depth, at a question level, student level, and classroom level.
  • All mistakes can be registered.
  • All results are saved and can be reviewed later.